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Unit Overview:

This Section Includes:

Bin Hopper Vibrators
Hopper Car Portable Railcar Vibrator
BH Truck Vibratos
Pipe and Chute Vibrator
Stainless Steel BH Vibrators

Key Features of Bin Vibrators

The NAVCO® Bin Hopper Vibrator is a Pneumatic Piston Vibrator designed to provide reliable and effective perform ance, even when exposed to severe adverse elements. The size and operating characteristics of the Bin Hopper Vibrartor make it ideally suited for solving light duty bulk material flow problems.

Models Includes :

  • BH 1
  • BH 1.25
  • BH 1.62
  • BH 2.00
  • BH 3.00
  • BH 3L
  • BH 4.00
  • BH 5.00
  • BH 6
  • BH 8.00
Why Use Pneumatic Piston Vibrators?
  • Linear Vibration – The forces generated by NAVCO BH Vibrators may be directed and c
    oncentrated in the problem area. The linear nature of the vibration force also ensures no
    damaging shear forces are applied to the mounting bracket or storage vessel.
  • High Amplitude, Low Frequency – The high-energy impulse vibration generated
    by NAVCO BH Vibrators is effective in reducing the strength of bulk materials
    and the sliding friction between the material and the bin wall. This is accomplished at low frequencies,
    without approaching potentially damaging resonant frequencies.
  • Low Cost – NAVCO pneumatic piston vibrators can effectively solve virtually
    any bulk material flow problem at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.
  • Low Maintenance – NAVCO pneumatic piston vibrators provide years
    of effective performance when installed and operated properly.
BH Vibrators Types:

NAVCO BH Vibrators are available in ten different piston sizes
to handle a wide range of bulk material flow problems.
Each size is offered in three distinct types of operation:

  • Repetitive Impact BH Vibrator: Repetitive impacting units deliver a
    high-energy impulse with each stroke of the piston. The impacting model is the
    most effective of the three in eliminating difficult flow problems.
  • Single Impact BH Vibrator: Single impact models deliver a single high-energy
    impulse triggered by the output of a timer or other controlling device. Timed impact
    units are particularly effective in applications where dry materials adhere to vessel walls.
  • Silent BH Vibrator The silent units trap a cushion of air at the base of the piston,
    eliminating the impact. Although the air cushioned models are quieter, a larger size is normally required.

Key Features of HCP Railcar Vibrator

The NAVCO© Hopper Car Portable (HCP) Railcar Vibrator is a pneumatic piston vibrator designed to provide reliable and effective bulk material flow in difficult applications and harsh railside environments. The size and operating characteristics of the HCP make it ideal for solving railcar unloading problems such as bridging, rat-holing, and sticking material. Meticulously designed,the HCP Railcar Vibrator is available in multiple sizes to meet both light and heavy duty operations.

Unload Railcars Quickly and Safely


Railcars are used to move bulk materials to plants and facilities for use in making the products and goods used in almost all aspects of modern life. Agriculture, Energy, Mining, Cement,Chemical, Plastics, Food, and m any other industries all use railcars to move their materials. HCP Railcar Vibrators help keep bulk materials flowing into these industries to produce the products you use every day.

Easily Incorporated into Rail Side Work Flows:

Pneumatically (air) driven, these piston style vibrators are easily incorporated into unloading processes that already use pneumatic power to drive their other rail side equipment.

65 Years of Experience on the Track, Always made in the USA:

Made in the USA, the NAVCO HCP Railcar Vibrator was introduced in 1955. Since that time, NAVCO HCP Railcar Vibrators have helped unload hopper cars at rail side terminals across the US and around the world.

Tough Two-Piece Construction:

Two-Piece design allows for specialized construction materials that optimize the HCP’s durability and wear life.

PTFE Internal Coating:

Rail side unloading of bulk material can be a harsh environment for vibratory equipment. Dust in the air from moving aggregate,concrete, coal, and other materials can find its way into just about everything. To help combat this material intrusion into the vibratorand allow for an extended operating life, HCP Railcar Vibratorsare manufactured with an internal low friction coating. Because railcar vibrators often operate in harsh environments, the special coating is standard on every HCP Railcar Vibrator.

Key Features of BH Truck Vibrator

The BH Truck Vibrator from NAVCO aids in the efficient unloading and loading of dry bulk material in the trucking industry. These pneumatic piston vibrators can be welded to a truck bed / body or hopper bottom trailer to increase material flow when unloading or increase load size when loading. NAVCO BH Truck Vibrators promote continuous and reliable flow in a wide range of trucking applications.

Built in the USA

Made in the USA, the NAVCO BH Truck Vibrator is designed and manufactured in Houston, TX.

Utilized on a Wide Range of Trucks

BH Truck Vibrators improve bulk material flow on a wide range of trucks including:

  • Dump Trucks
  • Volumetric Mixer and Gunite Trucks
  • Hopper Bottom Trailers
  • Salt Trucks
  • Garbage Trucks
  • Fertilizer and Seed Tender Trucks
  • Spreader Trucks
  • Cement Pump Trucks
  • And more

Key Features of Pipe and Chute Vibrators

NAVCO® Pipe and Chute Vibrators are engineered specifically to address bulk material flow issues in pipes and chutes. Whether it's material plugging or sticking, NAVCO Pipe andChute Vibrators provide the vibration necessary to Get your material Flowing!

Time Tested Industrial Vibrators

Introduced in the late 1980’s, Pipe and Chute Vibrators have kept material flowing across the USA and around the world,improving industrial processes for generations.

Deployed Across Multiple Industries

Agriculture, Energy Generation, Construction, Pharmaceutical,Mining, Food Processing, Metal Manufacturing, and many more.

Pneumatic or Electric Options to Fit Your Application

Available with pneumatic or electric drive options, Pipe and Chute Vibrators are easily incorporated into industrial processes using existing utilities.

Keeping a Wide Variety of Material Flowing

Coal Grain Processed Aggregates, Bio-Mass, Chemicals,Powders, Flour, Candy, Hemp, Food, Baby Formula, BatteryPowders, Radiator Dirt, Cereal, and many more.

Eliminate Pipe Plugging

Restore material flow in pipes and chutes by using vibration to reduce material strength and sliding friction, resulting in the elimination of bridging, rat holing, and plugging.


Often times unsafe practices, such swinging heavy objects overhead or from elevated positions, are used to restore flow. These practices can lead to an increase in loss time injuries and damaged equipment. NAVCO Pipe and Chute Vibrators eliminate these practices, enabling a safer work environment for employees and equipment.

Process Reliability

Downtime and process upsets can have a negative impact on productivity and profitability. Pipe and Chute Vibrators eliminate process interruptions due to lack of material flow.

No Welding Required

Bolt-on design requires no welding for installation, eliminating the need for hot work permits. Clamp style assembly allows for easy relocation of the vibrator to meet changing process conditions.

Optimize Processes

NAVCO Pipe and Chute Vibrators can be tied into existing PLC/DCS systems, or NAVCO ET 2.00 timers to create an automated vibration system. Utilizing an automated system ensures the vibrator operates when needed and prevent material plugging before it becomes an issue. Automation also reduces utility consumption by limiting use to only when it is required.  

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