Pipe Mounted Vibrators

Unit Overview:

The VacuVibe vacuum mount vibrator from NAVCO is  uniquely engineered for bulk material applications with occasional material flow problems. VacuVibe is designed to aid flow in bins, hoppers, and containers where traditional mounting techniques are not an option.

Key Features

Impactful Vibration

Designed to maximize the bin response by utilizing a high energy impulse. With each stroke of the vibrator the internal piston strikes the base of the unit transferring the maximum amount of linear force.

Mountable to a Wide Variety of Vessels

A powerful suction pad enables the NAVCO VacuVibe to mount to a wide variety of vessel types including: Bins, Chutes, Hoppers, Pipes, Railcars, Hopper Bottom Trucks, and many more.

Move a Wide Variety of Materials

An all-purpose industrial vibrator, the NAVCO VacuVibe can initiate and facilitate flow across a wide variety of materials including: Grains, Feed, Chemicals, Powders, Dried Distillers Grain (DDG), Adipic Acid, and many more.

Safe, Portable Vibration

Clean Out

Ensure a more thorough and complete cleanout process without the hassle or danger of swinging hammers or climbing into vessels. The VacuVibe will help to remove long standing material that, if left, can cause corrosion and in some instances becomes a combustion hazard.

Protect Workers and Equipment

Eliminate the need to hit potential injury causing sledge hammers against your vessels to initiate material flow. The VacuVibe produces vibration powerful enough to break up material bridging and rat holes, while leaving vessels damage free.

Fall Protection Built In

Designed with worker safety in mind, the VacuVibe comes standard with a safety cable and quick release carabiner.

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