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Coolant Cleaner

Key Features of Coolant Cleaner

MPI’s Coolant Cleaner is a continuous cleaning magnetic separator that removes ferrous material from the coolant flow and deposits it into a disposal bin. This CC-series cleaner is ideal for production runs of ferrous material on cutting and grinding machine tools and works with water-based coolants or straight-cutting oils. Both cost-effective and durable, this separator extends the life cycle of machine tools and coolant. It provides increased productivity with less downtime for machine coolant replacement.

  • Unique magnetic drum that is fully energized along its width and diameter
  • Automatic and continuously self-cleaning
  • 120 VAC standard
  • Optional Rare Earth Magnetic Roll
  • CC-series separator can be integrated with other purifiers to provide a very efficient filtering system

Key Features of Eco-Mag

The Eco-Mag® removes magnetic and paramagnetic contaminants, down to sub-micron size, from lubricants, coolants and other industrial use fluids. The Eco-Mag extends fluid life, reduces disposal costs, improves product accuracy and finish, and reduces machine and part wear. Magnetic technology is green and substantially reduces both the need to buy costly consumables and the associated downtime required to change paper filters.

  • No consumables required, ever! Once purchased, the unit does not require ongoing spend, resulting in lower operating costs
  • Reduced environmental impact, all you are left with is metallic material – no need to dispose of dirty cartridges!
  • No more paper filters
  • Contributes toward less trash in landfills
  • Lengthens coolant life; huge cost reduction on coolant disposal, replacement

Key Features of Auto-Mag

The patented Automag unit is the latest generation of self-purging high-intensity magnetic filters for high flow, high contamination industrial applications.

  • Double magnetic length
  • High collection capacity
  • Removes micron-sized contamination
  • Self-purging
  • Rare earth high-intensity magnetic material
  • Compact
  • No maintenance

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