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JVI Electromechanical Vibratory are heavy-duty, time-tested performers in bulk material handling. Designed for discharging hoppers and conveying material up to 30 feet, electromechanical feeders are used across a wide variety of industries to reliably and consistently feed material at desired feed rates. Every JVI electromechanical feeder is designed specifically for the application and work envelope requirements. Our range includes Pan Feeders, Tube, & Dosing

Key Features for Electromechanical Feeders

Heavy Duty Industrial Feeders, Made in the USA

For over 25 years, JVI has been providing electromechanical vibratory pan feeders, also known as brute force feeders or shaker feeders, to customers across North America and around the world.

Electromechanically Driven

Available with Unbalanced motors or Exciter Drives/gearboxes, JVI electromechanical feeders can be configured to handle almost any type of materials you need to move.

Across Many Industries

Aggregates, Mining, Steel, Recycling, and many more. These feeders can be utilized in light, medium, and heavy-duty applications including:

  • Bin & Hopper Discharge
  • Discharging Truck Dump Stations
  • Rail Car Hoppers
  • Surge Tunnel Feeders
  • Conveying Material & Spreading Material onto downstream crushers, mixers, screeners or dryers
Electromechanical Pan Feeders
Electromechanical Pan Feeders

Key Features For Electromechanical Tube

JVI Vibratory Tube Feeders are used to horizontally convey material at a controlled feed-rate through a fully enclosed environment. Vibratory Tube Feeders are the optimal conveying solution for applications that have stringent sanitary or dust control requirements. These machines utilize a gentle conveying action that results in nearly no degradation of the conveyed material. JVI Vibratory Tube Feeders are available in a variety of construction materials to best suit your requirements. Dust tight inspection covers and hatches allow access for easy cleanout.


  • Accurate, repeatable performance
  • Dust free operation
  • Low maintenance – no internal moving parts, easy to clean
  • Maintains material integrity
  • Explosion-proof certification available

The UTF is ideal for closed, dust-tight applications. Additional inspection clean out hatches can be added to the UTF for ease of maintenance. An inlet and outlet socket with dust-tight collar is also an option for the UTF model in applications where dust management is a concern.

Electromechanical Tube Feeders
Electromechanical Tube Feeders

Key Features for Electromechanical Vibrating Conveyors

JVI’s Vibrating Conveyors are designed to convey a variety of materials for distances up to 90 feet. Gentle conveying allows for movement of fragile material with virtually no degradation. JVI Vibrating Conveyors are available in dust-proof, weather-tight arrangements. Designs featuring our reliable drives and few moving parts allow for a long, low maintenance service life. Low profile design requires minimum headroom for installation. Vibratory conveying provides efficient horizontal conveying with even material distribution.


  • Dust-tight designs available
  • Gentle conveying for fragile material
  • Even product distribution
  • Minimum headroom required for install
  • Replaceable liners and wear surfaces available
  • Food Grade material of construction available
  • Easy washout
  • Explosion-proof certification available
Electromechanical Vibrating Conveyors
Electromechanical Vibrating Conveyors

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