Eddy Current Cross Belt Separators

Unit Overview:

MPI’s proven Eddy Current technology ensures higher separation rates. State-of-the-art system controls and features combined with technological advances result in improved nonferrous metal removal, particularly when trying to separate smaller particles such as aluminum and brass from non-conductive waste streams. Eddy Current Separators (ECS) can be used wherever nonferrous metals have to be recovered or separated. Common applications include Trash and Municipal Waste Processing; Auto Shredding; Beverage Can Sorting; Glass and Foundry Sand Recovery; Window Recycling; Plastic Recycling and Scrap Wood Recycling.

Key Features

Maximum Strength

  • Non-conductive, corrosion-resistant drum shelf
  • The ultra-high-strength magnetic rotor provides maximum efficiency
  • High throughput for high yield
  • The highest grade of permanent Rare Earth magnet material ensures maximum field strength — magnets will not demagnetize
  • A large motor spins magnetic rotor at high speeds
  • Fixed rotor motor speed allows optimum separation
  • High sorting accuracy
  • Fixed speed motor produces 200 FPM belt speed

Easy Operation

  • Balanced magnetic rotor and drive for trouble-free operation
  • Control unit integrated onto machinery
  • “V” groove tracking with flexible sidewalls for accurate belt tracking
  • Easy-to-operate control panel with the main circuit switch
  • “Start-stop” pushbuttons, emergency stop button and indicator lights. NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Access doors for easy inspection and maintenance
  • UHMW side edge keeps burden material confined to belt

Maximum Durability

  • Oversized rotor bearings
  • Tough urethane belt
  • Thermo-welded cleats move burden efficiently, reducing belt wear
  • Control panel with soft start
  • Programmable breaking with AC inverter
  • Composite shell coated in corrosion-resistant material

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