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Rockline® Standard-Duty Precleaner

Secondary Cleaner

Diagonal Plow

Chevron Belt Cleaner

Key Features of Rockline® Standard-Duty Precleaner

The EZP1 Precleaner is not your average solid-blade belt cleaner that mounts on the head pulley. It features a unique uni-blade design that combines simple, do-it-yourself installation, quick maintenance, and effective cleaning results with a price tag that you can afford.

Works with Flexco mechanical splices— The spring tensioner allows the blade to quickly move away from the belt when a splice passes. The polyurethane blade material easily glides over the splice without damage and with minimal cleaning disruption.

Compact, streamlined design.— The EZP1 Precleaner requires only 4" (100 mm) of horizontal clearance for correct installation. Its streamlined contours prevent material buildup on the blade or the pole.

Can be used on reversing belts— Installing cleaners on both pulleys gives superior cleaning results on belts that run in both directions.

Fits most conveyor structures— Available for belt widths from 12" to 72" (300-1800 mm).

Blade can be used on other cleaners— The ConShear™ blade can be used as a replacement blade on many OEM cleaners.

Key Features of Secondary Cleaner

The FMS Secondary Belt Cleaner features carbide blades, self-adjusting spring tensioners, and unique cushions that independently tension each blade to the belt. This simple but durable design provides quality cleaning performance at an affordable price. Reliable Cleaning at an Affordable Price

  • Segmented blades with unique sealed cushion design allows each blade to self-adjust and ensure proper wear throughout life of the blade
  • Tungsten carbide blades deliver high cleaning efficiency and long wear life
  • Tips available for mechanically fastened or vulcanized belts
  • CEMA Class 4
  • Compact MST spring tensioner with visual tension check
  • Belt speeds up to:
  • C-Tip: 1000 fpm (5.0 m/sec)
  • V-Tip: 1200 fpm (6.0 m/sec)
  • Belt widths 18" to 72" (450 to 1800 mm)

Key Features of Diagonal Plow

The Diagonal Plow cleans the belt in front of the tail pulley. It keeps lumps, rocks, and other fugitive materials out of the tail pulley where they could cause damage to the belt, the mechanical splice, the lagging, or the pulley. This is the versatile, economical solution for protecting the tail pulley, drive pulley,or gravity take-up pulleys from carryback materials.

A “Belt Cleaner” for the Tail Pulley

• Reduces belt mistracking— Material build-up on a pulley causes belt mistracking problems which can lead to other problems on the conveyor. The RDP1 Diagonal Plow removes those materials before they get into the pulley and begin building up.

Discharges to either side of the belt—The plow can be angled to discharge materials to either side of the belt, making it as convenient as possible for cleanup.

• Can be used anywhere on the beltline— The RDP1 Diagonal Plow can be installed on the side of the return belt anywhere there is a problem with materials falling onto the belt. Many times it is installed just behind the head pulley to dump carryback before it travels down the beltline.

• Economical— Durability and budget-conscious pricing make the Diagonal Plow very versatile. Replacement blades are also low cost.

Key Features of Chevron Belt Cleaner

Chevron, cleated, and raised rib belts present a special problem for efficient cleaning. However, not cleaning these belts lets the carryback move along the return belt and causes all the familiar problems: mistracking, buildup, and premature wear on idler rollers and resulting in belt wear and damage. Flexco’s Chevron Belt Cleaner takes a new approach to clean these problem belts.

Free-rotating— Works only when the belt runs.

Self-cleaning— Finger length, spacing, and the rotary action allows the carryback to fall free instead of clogging.

Long-wearing SBR rubber—Drum life ranges from 1 to 3 years depending upon the application conditions and the material being conveyed.

Easy to install—Few parts and easy-to-use installation instructions make the job simple.

• Works on mechanically spliced or vulcanized belts.

• Works on reversing belts.

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