Industrial Production

Tier one automotive suppliers, canners, cold headers, broachers, gear hobbing and metal stamping are all customers and disciplines MCS has been installing and supporting scrap handling, factory automation, pick and place magnetic end of arm tooling and coolant filtration solutions for the past 23 years.  If you line is about to shut down your best customer wouldn’t you have liked to know in advance your 10, 15 or 20 year old conveyor is getting to the end of its life.  The great part of so many of our solutions is they have not mechanical interaction between the conveyor and the parts or scrap.  Instead of replacing or replacing steel hinge conveyors, our conveyors last years.  Because its out of sight doesn’t mean it needs to be out of mind.  MCS offers inspection programs from annual to quarterly.  How critical is your line?  We are ready to support it.

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